Welcome to The Netherworld. I’ll be your guide.

How The Netherworld came to be, no one is certain. Forgotten by mankind for centuries, portals to this strange and beautiful place have begun opening in Faerun. Though riches abound within its dark halls, it is a place populated by evil and malevolent beings who seem to kill merely for the sport of it.

With the opening of these portals, the gnarled beasts within have emerged in our world, slaying without respite ’til stopped. As very few adventuring parties have returned from this place, there is little known about it so far.

It is a subterranean world not unlike our own underdark, but with the presence of curious phosphorescent lighting throughout. There are large networks made of man hewn stone and other natural caverns so large you cannot see the ceiling. The information we have so far is collated here.

* Denizens

* Locations

* Pantheon

* Random Tables


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