The Netherworld Tavern

Amidst the chaos exists a bastion of civilised behaviour. The Netherworld Tavern is a neutral meeting ground for many of The Netherworlds denizens. An intricate mine beneath their tavern is their curious source of supply and there are rumours that there are portals that link directly to these mines.


The Ruins of Brynn

To the north of the tavern lay the ruins of a civilisation long since passed. Massive frescoes faded with time depict their champion accompanied by the name Brynn. He appears to be of human origin, a ranger of sorts.


Jungle Mines

Far to the north is an endless network of both man-made and natural caverns. A veritable labyrinth, it is said that any adventurer who finds himself here will not find his way out. Overgrown and long forgotten, some of these halls have not seen human life for centuries.



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