Though few and far between, some allies have been made.


The proprietor of the Netherworld Tavern. This two-headed bipedal demon maintains law and order in the centre of chaos. Level 10 fighter and Level 10 sorcerer. Each head has it’s own intelligence and can be reasoned with in different ways.


The Kobold

A Kobold who grew up an urchin of the dark caverns of The Ruins of Brynn. Having never met an anotherKobold, he never adopted their murderous ways. Upon learning his race from travellers to his humble domain he has adopted his race as his name. The Kobold makes its living by tinkering and trading and can be found wandering the Ruins of Brynn.

Alignment: True Neutral
See Kobold inventor for stats (Volos guide)

The Savage Wizard


Skateboards through The Netherworld. Gnarly dude. Righteous.

The Savage Wizard, or Freddy to his friends, has short term memory issues which means that he often will task others with recovering goods from various places within The Netherworld.

Level 5 Transmutation Wizard

Leonard “Lonely Lenny” Skeleton


Two-timing bard, riddle-teller and all round big personality.
Even as a near mindless slave Leonard resented the humdrum tasks that his Necromancer patron set out for him. A fresh-faced group of adventurers from nearby Fjordgame changed all that when they slayed the old wizard, upon which Leonard was surprised and delighted to find himself unharmed and unshackled. Lenny felt he owed a debt to the kind adventurers that freed him and traveled with them for many years through the Netherworld, however like all living things they eventually met their end and ol’ Lenny had to keep on telling his tales.
Lenny holds a large sum of treasure hidden in his rib-cage (total 50 gp value gems/GP) and will happily give some out to those who can answer one of his devilish riddles. He is a fast friend but not a close one.

Stat block – Skeleton from page 272 of the MM plus:

Rejuvenation – if Lenny is destroyed he will slowly piece himself back together and is restored to full hit-points within an hour unless holy water is sprinkled on his remains or a dispel magic or remove curse spell is cast on them.


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